Friday, October 5, 2007

Getting Started

Happy 4th of July!!!
What has started as a simple wish, to send a box of ready made cards and envelopes to a husband overseas, has grown into a ministry of unlimited potential. We are so excited about our new venture! We just finished putting the finishing touches on our 1st box of cards to send to soldiers stationed in Kuwait. Each card and envelope is individually packaged and sealed in it's own protective bag. That way, each "hug" will be protected from the elements while waiting to be chosen as the next card being sent to a loved one. Then, each card is sorted by occasion and placed in a box to be shipped to the soldiers. We hope to expand our efforts to include military personnel all around the world. Wouldn't it be great if each Unit had a "card keeper" who had a readily available supply of cards for his/her troops to choose from. Hopefully, morale will be boosted when they don't have to walk for miles to buy a card for a loved one. They can smile knowing that they sent a special "hug" home to a loved one for a special occasion or just to say hello.

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