Saturday, February 14, 2009


Here is an update of sorts, as I know it has been a while......

We are still receiving cards for and sending out cards to our troops. We currently have the Navy and Army. Your cards are going to Afganistan and Kuwait. Thank you for all that you do to support out troops!

~Traci & Jen

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Birthday USA!!!!

Wow! What a crazy spring we have had! It has been forever since we have last posted. Traci's husband is safely home from his deployment-Hurray! Her family is enjoying some much needed time together! We are still collecting cards, envelopes, donations, etc. to continue our ministry. We wish all of our men and women serving our country at home and overseas a safe journey on this 4th of July weekend. Thank you for our freedom!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Blessings

Merry Christmas to you all! We have been so blessed by all of your help and support! We have reached the 10,000 mark in cards sent. It is amazing that something that started out as a little plan has grown to such a huge ministry! Without your support, this would not be possible. We want to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas! As you are celebrating the birth of Christ, please remember our service men and women who are away from home right this holiday season. Say a prayer for their safety and for their families who are missing them as the celebrate Christmas without their solider this year. Please keep the cards coming...we want to continue this ministry as long as we can. Cards for Valentine's Day and Easter will start going out in January. God Bless you and your families this Christmas!
Jen and Traci

Friday, October 5, 2007

We need your help!

We have sent over 14,000+ cards!!!!!!

Donations are always welcome!

Cards(store bought or hand made), card fronts (that we will turn into cards), and envelopes are needed. If you don't want to donate cards/envelopes, monetary donations to purchase cardstock(to turn card fronts into full cards), envelopes, self-sealing plastic bags, card boxes, and postage are appreciated. As of right now what is needed most are funds to assit in covering the expense of mailing out the cards to the troops. We have a paypal account set-up for any monetary donations. The paypal website is and the e-mail address to use is

You may email us at for our mailing information and with any questions.

Getting Started

Happy 4th of July!!!
What has started as a simple wish, to send a box of ready made cards and envelopes to a husband overseas, has grown into a ministry of unlimited potential. We are so excited about our new venture! We just finished putting the finishing touches on our 1st box of cards to send to soldiers stationed in Kuwait. Each card and envelope is individually packaged and sealed in it's own protective bag. That way, each "hug" will be protected from the elements while waiting to be chosen as the next card being sent to a loved one. Then, each card is sorted by occasion and placed in a box to be shipped to the soldiers. We hope to expand our efforts to include military personnel all around the world. Wouldn't it be great if each Unit had a "card keeper" who had a readily available supply of cards for his/her troops to choose from. Hopefully, morale will be boosted when they don't have to walk for miles to buy a card for a loved one. They can smile knowing that they sent a special "hug" home to a loved one for a special occasion or just to say hello.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Boxes that have been shipped...updated 1/14

Todd H.
"We got the cards last night. Everybody loves them tell Jen thanks and you too. You can mail more card over here. 100 cards did not last long, about 3 hours. There are over a 100 people in the unit. The ones needed most are Thank you and Miss you."
"Tell everybody thanks again if they only knew how many people keep saying thanks."

Mailed out 7/17/07
585 Cards mailed out today!!!!!

Here is some good news....Everybody from Iraq where you sent some of the
boxes came down for a meeting and had to stop in yesterday and say thanks.
The ones you have going to CPT Moize, he said they went really quick, so if
you can send them, Maj House and SFC Marshall more cards when you send them
out again, they have alot of our troops there. Please let everybody know
that all the troops love these card and are so thankful for receiving them.
Just by them going out of there way to come by to tell me to tell you and
Jen thanks, tells me that it meant a lot. They are really looking forward to
the Christmas card. You might want to get started on those.

Robyn G.

Jerry M.

Shawn M.
" I just wanted to send you an email to tell you thank you so much for the box of card you sent me. The Soldiers of the 1st TSC loved them. Again thank you so much and god bless."

Emily S.

Gretchen R.
" Jen & Traci,Got your package of cards yesterday. Thank you very much from all of the Soldiers of the 640th Sustainment Brigade. The card selection here at Scania is not very good...we all thought the cards were cute. We'll probably need some more in a month or so. Thanks again!Gretchen"

Charles H.

Kimberly B.
"I got the cards yesterday. they are the coolest little cards ive ever seen!!! i just wanna frame em all and hang them up. i already got planned how im gonna use some of them. thank you once again, this was very thoughtful of you. Take care and God Bless, Kimberly "

David H.
"Wanted to let you know that David received the box, and he said everyone was ecstatic!!! They said no one ever thought of that before, and they were really excited."

Jackie S.

Todd H.

Shipped 8/2/07

175 shipped today to:

Todd H.
"Hey babe! I received my packages yesterday, thank you and everybody thanks you. Tell everybody thanks for the cards and the letters. Give the kids a hug and kiss for me, and tell them I miss them and love them."

I need you to send more cards. Everybody has learned about the cards and they are going quick now. There are no card left here and we just recieved 100 just on Monday. It seem every found out about the cards and they come here looking for them.

Tommy H.

David H.


We shipped out 240 cards today!


I want to apologize for not updating. I am borrowing a computer as mine is being repaired and I hope to have it back soon. We have recently sent out approx 400 cards. On 9/11 we packaged up almost 2000 to be ready to go out to the troops.


On Tuesday, 10/2, I delivered almost 2000 cards to the USO to be mailed out to our 8 sponsored units. We also donated about 500 cards to be sent with care packages that go out to our troops. So now we will be reaching more than the 8 units we have already adopted. What a blessing to share our ministry with so many. Thank you to all of you for your continued support of our ministry and our troops.

Today I took up five boxes of Christmas cards to be delivered to five of our sponsored units. Each box had abotu 300 cards. I will be taking four more boxes up on Tuesday to be mailed out as well.

We are now over 8,000 for sure! Thank you so much to all that continue to support our mission and ministry. Here is a great example of why we do what we do.....

Dear Traci and Jen:
My sincere and humble thanks to you for the time, effort, and most importantly, love s hown to us through your beautiful cards.Your cards lighting up my day and I wanted
you to know how much we appreciate the thought. Rest assured that these cards are well utilized not just in theater but throughout the world as we share them with our love ones and those we encounter along the way.God has gifted you in more ways than
one, and I thank you for sharing this gift with us all.

Sincerely and respectfully yours always,


It has been a while since I have updated the boxes sent. I had the pleasure of having my husband home for two weeks in December. During December and January we sent out a total of 15 boxes, each with 250+ cards. That is close to 4,000 cards! Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to those that have donated to our ministry.....updated 1/14

Hope A.
Glassport, PA

Amber S.
Las Vegas, NV

Diane S.
Raleigh, NC

Sally P.
Hellertwon, PA

Cheryl B.
Tecumseh, MI

Dannie G.
Morgan Hill, CA

Beth H.
Canton, OH

Jen B.
Canton, OH

Heidi M.
Clinton, OH

Kathy S.
Huntsville, AL

Scotia, NY

Emma K.
Strongsville, OH

Gwen C.

Amy K.

Melonie S.
Scottsdale, AZ

Treena B.
Naperville, IL

Ms. Grant
Springfield, IL

Jennifer N.
Arnold, MO

April P.

Vicki P.
Hemet, CA

Impact Images
El Dorado Hills, CA

Ric S.
Canton, OH

Michelle. B.
Scotia, NY

Dannie G.
Morgan Hill, CA

Megan S.
Rohnert Park, CA

Jackie V.
Lusby, MD

Laurie Ann W.
San Francisco, CA

Connie H.
Orlando, FL

Mary C.
Va Beach, VA

C. Bauer
Racine, WI

Jean O.

Terry B.
Poulsbo, WA

M. Anderson
Trenton, MI

Susan S.
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Kate W.
Pine, CO

Cindy K.
Boise, ID

Heidi S.
Yukon, OK

Jody M.
Yukon, OK

Wide Eyed Life Youth
First Christian Church
Canton, OH

Vonnie R.
Appleton, WI

Deborah F.
Orange Park, FL

Chancey, Jessalyn and Ashlyn
Canton, OH

M. Trevino
Port Author, TX

Jo Anne B.
Jamestown, NY

Joanne K.
Chalk Hill, PA

Nadine N.
Chicora, PA

Peg L.
Cogan Station, PA

Jody M.
Yukon, OK

Rita B.
Mifflinburg, PA

Ms. Toner
Gilbert, AZ

Anon Donor
Royal Oak, MI

Linda S.
Lexington, KY

S. Craig
N. Royalton, OH

Amy W.
Solomons, MD

Judy S.
Prospect, PA

Ann I.
Gardena, CA

Amy K.
Alliance, OH

Carol L.
Uniontown, OH

First Christian Church
North Canton, OH

Blue Star Mothers #2
North Canton, OH

Jodi Robbins & Friends
Medina, OH

Cathy M.
Baltimore, MD

Anon Donor
Lexington Park, MD

Women In Ministry
First Christian Church
Canton, OH

Sarah M.
Canton, OH

Mrs. K
Canton, OH

Rick and Linda B.
Canton, OH

Friends of Jodi Robbins
All over OH

North Canton, OH

Mr & Mrs. Largent
Brewster, OH

Debbie S.
Cary, NC

Rochester, NH

Michele & Brian Gallo

Nancy M.
North Bend, OR

Michele D.
Franklin Lakes, NJ

Pam P.
Tecumseh, MI

Laura H.
So. Barre, MA

Donna M.
Everett, WA

Boise, ID

Mary D.
Palm Coast, FL

Ms. Monroy, Ms. Young &
Stamping Club Friends
Flagstaff, AE

Karen S.
Fairport Harbor, OH

Nashville Wraps

Trish B.
Hebron, KY

Renae R.
Leonardtown, MD

Anne, Sandi, Lori, Kay, Crystal and Nancy
North Bend, OR

T. Novchich
Hummelstown, PA

Kathleen C.
Matawan, NJ

Karen R.
Cortaro, AZ

Lorri H.
Cave Creek, AZ

Jean C.
Galloway, NJ

Kim G.
Poughkeepsie, NY

Ms. Trevino
Port Arthur, TX

Shannon Z.
Manassas, VA

Glenwood Middle School
Canton, OH

Jane H.
West Bend, WI

Saalfield Family
Fairport Harbor, OH

S. Craig
N. Royalton, OH